As a business owner, is there anything more important than online security? Having something happen to your data, whether due to a mistake or a cyber attack, is never something you want. While looking for ways to

As businesses worldwide are growing by the day, more whaling phishing attacks have been recorded nowadays than ever. These attacks are different from traditional phishing attacks, and they select a specific target. But what are they, and

Whether small, medium-sized, or large, companies have been victims of ransomware attacks for decades now. If you're not following proper security procedures and etiquette, you might be a victim of such an attack. But what is ransomware

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In a world where data security is of utmost importance, the biggest question for many IT managers and business owners is where is data kept safe the most? Up until recently, the sole option for data storage

Why every company needs backup solution?  How many times do you need a file that you realized is missing? For every company, data is almost an asset as any other equipment or inventory. Ways to lose your

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When we say cyber security, we often immediately think of malicious hacking attempts, or worse, successful ones. Fact is, we have to practice good security habits not just to prevent any such attacks but also to become