Cyber Security

Whether your business works with high-risk data or not, the current era of cyber-crime if something that cannot be disregarded, as the consequences of doing so could cost you the trust of your consumers and damage your product reputation beyond repair. Cyber-attacks are occurring at a more alarming rate than ever and evolving in ways that are hard to keep track of and effectively counter. Our experts use the same tools and methodologies of such hackers to create simulated attacks and test any and all infrastructure and system vulnerabilities that you may have.

We will embed cyber security into your infrastructure so that your products, services, and support capabilities remain protected at all times from all manner of attacks and threats.  Our security systems are robust and up to date, and our packages are tailored to every possible business need you may have.

Security attacks, in addition to compromising your data and sensitive information, also pose time-loss risks which cannot be shrugged off in case of any competitive business that takes their customers seriously. Any down-time typically reflects poorly on a business and must be avoided if at all possible, or resolved in an expedited way. In order to help you achieve this, our team of experts monitors your systems to ensure top-notch around the clock security, allowing your teams to focus on your business vision without having to worry about losing even a minute to an abrupt security attack.


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Proactive Threat Detection

At TechProComp, we pride ourselves in always taking the proactive approach in problem-solving, and that includes threat detection as well. Our team will identify any weak points and vulnerabilities in your systems and infrastructure before they even become an issue and pinpoint causes that need fixing. We will prioritize putting the best possible custom-tailored defenses in place so that your work can continue undeterred at all times.

Our aim is threat-prevention, not threat-mitigation, and we will consistently strive to be at least several steps ahead of any hackers or coordinated attacks of any kind. The motto is proactive, not reactive!

Within our Cyber Security package, we at TechProComp offer you the following services:
  • Security Assessment – we scan your systems and infrastructure for any possible vulnerability and create a report for you, allowing us to start working on bringing your systems to par
  • IT infrastructure Security testing – infrastructure tests aimed at uncovering weak points that could be exploited to gain unauthorized access
  • Stress testing (DDOS and DOS attacks) – we will check the resiliency of your network and web-facing systems against DDOS and DOC type attacks
For Application Security, we offer the following:
  • Security code review
  • Cloud Security
  • Web server and Application Security
  • IT Network Security
  • E-mail Security
  • DDOS Protection
  • SIEM
  • Anti-Virus Protection
  • IDS /IPS
  • Network Monitoring 24/7/365

In order to provide the best security plan for your needs, we will tailor a package of services to your particular needs and adjust it to your business vision. Your business and user base are our priority, which is why we strive to advise you on the best possible course of action and to create a custom package for you as needed.

For more information about our packages, pricings, or any other estimates, please contact us and we will provide you with everything you need to know to get started!

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