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TechProComp IT Solution is an IT partner with 25 years of experience in the industry. We strive to keep small and medium-sized businesses moving forward using our enterprise-level IT practices. Our professional and detail-oriented staff customizes our services for every client we work with as there is no ‘one for all solution’ that works for everyone.

In this article, I’ll break down our cooperation with Austin Retina Associates and tell you what our goals were, how we reached them, and what the final results were. But first, let me tell you a word about Austin Retina Associates.

Who Are Austin Retina Associates

Austin Retina Associates is the largest retinal specialty group in Central Texas. They’ve established in 1978 and have been serving the citizens of Austin and surrounding communities since then. Physicians who work at Austin Retina Associates are all board-certified and licensed ophthalmologists who are experts in managing retina, macula, and vitreous diseases. During the longstanding history of the practice, they’ve been recognized for their participation in revolutionary trials, which allowed them to provide novel procedures for their clients.

The cooperation with TechProComp would allow Austin Retina Associates to solve any IT issues they might be facing, help their business grow, and more.

What Were Our Goals with Austin Retina Associates

The first step we needed to take during our cooperation with Austin Retina Associates was to set clear goals. You can’t do anything right without explicit objectives, so we wrote down a list of things that needed to be done, such as:

  • Establishing a reliable IT infrastructure, which would enable efficient and continuous business
  • Installing network and system monitoring software that works round the clock throughout the whole year with the
    possibility of sending an automatic notification to the TechProComp team
  • Setting up automatic updates for all network and systems
  • Taking out all ‘single point of failure’ (SPOF) parts of the system on the IT infrastructure
  • Creating IT documentation with the possibility of sharing it between the TechProComp team and the client
  • Coming up with an IT disaster recovery plan with all the necessary procedures
  • Scanning the network and creating a cybersecurity strategy
  • Implementing a Captive Portal for the guest network (a web page that is displayed to newly connected users of
    the network)
  • Integrating all firewalls under one central console
  • Changing all of the firewalls
  • Replacing core switches in the HQ
  • Replacing ISCSI switches
  • Changing the AV protection

Once we compiled this list of clearly defined goals, we could move on to figuring out what the best approach for reaching them would be.

What Was Our Approach with Austin Retina Associates

To reach the goals we set out to achieve during our cooperation with Austin Retina Associates, our team of experienced and certified IT experts sat down and:

  • Upgraded the according to the defined technology and budget
  • Analyzed the existing system entirely and suggested how it needs to be upgraded
  • Realized the new suggestion with the efficient communication between the partner, cooperator, and the TechProComp team
  • Defined and implemented the service-level agreement (SLA), which is a commitment between a service provider and a client
  • Included the following professionals into the system project:
  • Network architect
  • Network engineer
  • System architect
  • IT project management
  • IT admin

Once we’ve completed all the tasks from the list, we saw great results on which you can get more information in the following paragraph.

What Are the Results of Our Cooperation with Austin Retina Associates

Now that I’ve covered our cooperation goals with Austin Retina Associates and our approach, it’s time to talk about the results. As they say, actions speak louder than words, and results speak for themselves. In our case, the cooperation with Austin Retina Associates was a massive success because of our systematic approach to the problem. First, we diagnosed the issues and then planned their realization. After proceeding with the plan, we have:

  • Reduced the downtime to 4 minutes on an annual level for the complete IT system
  • Established transparent documentation and improved response times for IT tickets
  • Established system and network monitoring that works round the clock all year long
  • Improved network and system protection for 50%
  • Increased virtual backup machine efficiency for 70%
  • Changed old servers and switches, made the IT system more reliable
  • Created an asset list for all devices within the organization
  • Reduced the average daily number of IT tickets from 10 to 2
  • Provided more time for the organization’s IT team to work on projects instead of having it to waste on maintaining the system

The Significance of Our Results and Cooperation with Austin Retina Associates

Now, you might be reading these lists of our goals, approach, and the results of cooperation with Austin Retina Associates and wonder why they are significant. I’ll give you a couple of examples of how we helped the association improve its business and overall productivity. For more information, check out the table below:

ResultPractical Significance
Reduced downtimeBy reducing the overall
amount of downtime Austin Retina Associates will face, we’ve helped
them increase their productivity because we allowed them to focus on work instead of having to wait for
their system to be fully operating again.
Improved ticket response
Because we answer and solve
Austin Retina’s IT tickets in the fastest time frame possible,
their business has more running hours than ever.
Improved backup machine
Data loss is one of the
biggest issues companies are facing nowadays. With the improved
backup machine, Austin Retina can proceed with its operations carelessly.
Established system and
network monitoring system
Our company aimed to have
Austin Retina’s systems fully operational and online at all times,
24/7/365 days annually. That’s why we’ve implemented pitch-perfect monitoring IT infrastructure to be
100% alert of anything affecting the organization’s systems.

Overall, we’ve used high-end technology solutions to help Austin Retina’s business grow and help them with any IT solutions they might have. We’ve customized our services according to their needs, came up with a plan, stuck to it, and realized it with the help of our experienced IT team.

If you want to know how we operate in detail, find out what we do, and how we may help your business, feel free to contact one of our experts.


What Were Our Goals with Austin Retina Associates (20 locations).

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