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Security is one of the most important aspects of running any business. If you want another layer of security, the easiest way you can add one is to implement video surveillance and monitoring. Our article will go over the benefits of having video surveillance in your organization, and we’ll give you some tips on choosing the right system for you!

Benefits of Video Surveillance in the Workplace

You should get video surveillance in the workplace because it:

  • Prevents theft
  • Provides real-time video surveillance
  • Provides criminal evidence
  • Ensures productivity among employees
  • Prevents sexual harassment
  • Resolves internal business disputes
  • Improves customer shopping experience
  • Cuts down security costs

Prevents Theft

When you implement CCTV cameras in various locations at your workplace, you automatically lower the chances of vandalism, theft, or any other crimes. You don’t even have to work in retail to attract thieves, you can also face company property theft or have your intellectual property stolen. Oftentimes, it’s the employees themselves who are guilty of theft.

Provides Real-time Video Surveillance

One of the biggest perks of installing video surveillance at your workplace is having real-time footage when you need it. Although you will need to hire an extra person for the job of keeping an eye on your CCTV, it’s worth it if you want to add another security layer to your business. But as we grow more technologically advanced by the day, you can even view real-time footage from a remote computer or a mobile device.

Provides Criminal Evidence

Having CCTV footage isn’t beneficial to you only, but to your community as well. In case a crime is committed in your office or around it, you can just get the footage and find out who the perpetrator was. This evidence can also come in handy in court as it can help judges and jurors come to a verdict.

Ensures Productivity among Employees

Many retail owners get CCTV to boost productivity among their employees, especially if they own a restaurant or a bigger shop. Employees work the hardest when they think they’re being monitored, but make sure not to go overboard with CCTV placements as you don’t want your workforce to work while suffering from paranoia.

Prevents Sexual Harassment

Installing video surveillance in your workplace will not only ensure your employees are more productive, but it will also make sure there is no sexual harassment among them. Even if it happens, you will catch such activities on camera, and you can take the harasser to court.

Resolves Internal Business Disputes

No matter how cooperative your employees might be, some disputes are bound to happen. They can be between employees and managers, employees themselves, or even worse, employees and you. If such things occur, having video surveillance will help you find out what is exactly going on, what went wrong, and how you can put an end to it.

Improves Customer Shopping Experience

Although it might seem weird at first, having CCTV in your retail space can help your customers feel safe thanks to the presence of cameras, and it will allow you to monitor their behavior closely. With such information, you can improve their shopping experience.

Cuts Down Security Costs

Placing cameras around your workplace is much cheaper than placing security guards around your company. To top it all off, the costs of having video surveillance in your organization are getting smaller by the day.

How to Choose a Video Surveillance System for Your Business

As we’re living in the age of ludicrous technological advancement, the market for video surveillance systems is huge, making it hard for you to choose one. To help you, we’ve put a list of things you should consider before choosing a video surveillance system, including:

  • Camera field of view – One of the most important things you want to watch out for is the camera field of view. You should pick cameras that have better horizontal coverage, as you want to cover large areas, and you should also get cameras that capture images in at least 4 MP resolution.
  • Type of camera – Due to the sheer amount of cameras available on the market, it’s easy to get lost in choosing one. Some of the best types of cameras are bullet, dome, pan-tilt, and thermal cameras.
  • Indoor and outdoor use – Did you know that there are cameras designed specifically for indoor and outdoor use? If you’re looking for cameras to cover the outside parameters of your company, make sure you get cameras that can withstand outdoor conditions.
  • Motion detection – Higher-end cameras usually have motion detection systems, which are extremely helpful. With such a system in place, the camera will start recording whenever something moves in the parameter it covers, so you don’t have to go through the footage later and find the key moment manually.
  • Night vision – If you’re looking for 24/7 protection, you should consider getting cameras with night vision as it protects your organization even during the after hours.
  • Storage capacity – Storage capacity is also crucial if you want to have a 24/7 surveillance system, as you need the capacity to store all the footage. If you want to take it up a notch, you should get a system that has cloud storage, which allows you to access your footage from anywhere in the world.
  • Wired or wireless – If you plan on getting video surveillance for outdoor use, you should get wired cameras as they’re faster and more reliable. In case you need surveillance for indoor purposes, you can get wireless cameras.
  • Pricing and installation – Last but not least, you also need to consider your budget regarding the pricing and installation of your video surveillance.


As you can see, video surveillance has a lot of benefits for your business, but it can also be tricky to choose the perfect system for your organization and set it up. If you need any help setting up a video surveillance system at your business, feel free to contact us, as our team of experts is more than happy to give you advice or help you set up a top-notch 24/7/365 surveillance infrastructure!

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