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Seamless Transition: A Step-by-Step Guide for Switching MSPs

If you’re a business owner and thinking about switching your MSP, you must have been spending a lot of time dealing with various IT issues that occur occasionally. Whether you’re not fully satisfied with your current provider or would like to upgrade, TechProComp has a solution for you.

Switching to a new MSP might seem like a dull and lengthy process, but it doesn’t have to be if you choose the right new provider, but before we proceed, you should know more about Managed IT Services.

What are Managed IT Services?

Before we start talking about the steps you should take necessary to switch to a new managed service provider, we should tell you what an MSP even is. An MSP (Managed Service Provider) is a company that takes care of all your IT needs. TechProComp is one of the providers offering plenty of IT expertise and any support you will need to run your business without any hiccups.

An MSP such as TechProComp can offer different types of services. It all depends on what your business needs at a particular moment.

Whether interested in data backup and protection, 24/7 365 monitoring, intrusion protection, antivirus, cyber security or something else, your chosen MSP should help you! Live support and cloud services can also be provided, but it doesn’t stop there because you can also get infrastructure and network management.

Perks of having an MSP

If you’re already paying for a managed service provider but are not satisfied with their services, something is not right! Your money should be invested properly, even when it comes to MSPs, so if you’re ready to switch providers, take a look at what TechProComp has to offer. The most important reason why you should find a good MSP is that they focus on your business. Instead of wasting any more time trying to deal with various IT issues, you can let your MSP handle such problems, and you can invest all your time in growing and managing your business.

Having an extra set of hands to deal with IT issues is not the only benefit of having an MSP. The right managed service provider can bring expertise your team might not have, and the team at TechProComp has dedicated its time to mastering the IT field, so they are prepared for any type of problem you might have to deal with in the future!

When should you switch to a managed service provider?

Now, the most important question is when you should start looking for a managed service provider.

Your MSP is supposed to use the newest technology, so if the one you are considering doesn’t offer the latest software and hardware technologies, you might want to consider another MSP.

Having the latest technology is not the only thing that matters. Your chosen MSP should also offer excellent customer service because you should rely on them if a crisis occurs. An MSP such as TechProComp will react quickly and will deal with any issues ensuring your business keeps running as usual.

If your business doesn’t have such services at the moment, then it’s the perfect time to consider switching to an MSP.

When should you look for a new MSP?

We know that saying goodbye to your current MSP can be challenging, but you should put your business and its needs in the first place. Once you feel like you aren’t getting what you are paying for, you should start looking for a new MSP that offers much more and better technical expertise that is more suitable for your business.

You should take your time choosing a new MSP because it should be able to help you deal with any type of problem much faster and prevent them from happening in the future. Your new managed service provider should also make your cybersecurity system bulletproof, meaning it should be able to prevent most accidents from happening. Of course, you shouldn’t forget to take a look at the prices because if the new services aren’t within your budget, you wouldn’t be doing yourself a favor.


Legal way to end your current contract

First, you should read your current contract because ending things with your current MSP might not be as simple as you think. TechProComp would like to help you make this transition as smooth as possible, so we’re going to point out a few steps you should take.

You might also have to notify your current MSP about the termination agreement in advance, so make sure you get all the necessary information before proceeding any further with your transition. On top of that, make sure you pay close attention to the part that covers the payment plan in the case of earlier termination of the contract.

Make a list of your equipment

After getting all the details about the earlier termination of a contract, you should take a look at your IT needs. You should start with your computer equipment, and that also includes the equipment that belongs to your current MSP because you most likely will be required to return the equipment to the provider before terminating the contract.

Once you start the contract with your new MSP, they will most likely like to get a list of your equipment so they can make a plan on what changes will be required. Depending on the MSP you choose, you may get new equipment from your new managed service provider, but you might also have to purchase the equipment on your own during the transition process.

Audit your IT environment

Besides making a list of your hardware, you may also want to take a look at your entire IT environment and learn more about your system needs. This includes anything from the areas where you might need support to the size of your system.

Make sure you create a detailed report with your new MSP about what sort of software, anti-spam, anti-malware, and antivirus you need, and most importantly, discuss what type of firewalls and data backups you have. It would be good to provide your new managed service provider with network specifications because that would help determine what size of system you have.


Make a schedule for off-boarding

After notifying your old MSP that you will be terminating the contract, you should make a schedule for when you will start the off-boarding. This will be the moment when your old managed service providers stop providing you with any type of service they previously had. They will pass on all the necessary information to your new MSP and officially stop all business inside your company afterward.

Off-boarding typically takes some time, but TechProComp can help you make it as painless for your company as possible. One thing that would reduce your business’s downtime is scheduling the off-boarding after business hours on Friday. Your old MSP could finish most of the job over the weekend, and you could be back in business next week with minimal downtime.


Once your old managed service provider has officially stopped providing you with any type of services, your new MSP can take over. Usually, the onboarding starts as soon as the old MSP finishes the off-boarding because this reduces the downtime and ensures that the transition goes smoothly.

Most managed service providers, including TechProComp, start onboarding the same night the previous MSP signs off. This minimizes downtime, and you can be back to business as usual in no time.

Besides installing the new equipment, your new MSP will make sure your previous MSP has removed themselves from your network that was under their control until recently.

Hand over the control

You will have to hand over the IT control to your new MSP during the onboarding process. They will be taking care of your everyday IT services, so it’s expected they will have complete control from the beginning.

Your new managed service provider will change all the passwords and access codes, ensuring your previous MSP has zero access to your system. This will help keep your company safe from dissatisfied employees of your previous provider. You will be provided with all the new logins once they’re ready, so you will have access to your system as soon as it’s prepared.

Transition process

As soon as the onboarding is done, your new MSP will start a backup of your system. This will ensure that nothing gets lost during the transition process. On top of that, your MSP will have to take a look at your cybersecurity system and fix any issues they run into. If everything goes according to plan, your business will be ready to keep working on Monday, making this transition almost unnoticeable.


Finding a new MSP

You should spend enough time looking for a new managed service provider because that company will be in charge of your day-to-day activities. TechProComp is one of the available choices, and if you have additional questions about the type of services we offer, make sure you get in touch with our customer support team, that’s at your disposal 24/7!

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