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What is a modern IT workplace?

What’s the first thing you start thinking of when you think about a modern IT workplace? Do things like game rooms, bean bags, and game consoles come to mind? Sure, that would make an interesting modern workplace, but those things are not what we have in mind when we mention modern IT workplace. Of course, we shouldn’t stick to the old ways of doing things anymore, where you place dozens of people in the same room and make them work from cubicles. That just doesn’t seem like the most productive way of working now, does it?

The modern IT workspace should be a place where your employees can relax while still having all the means necessary to get the job done. Thanks to the newest technologies, it’s possible to get the job done even without actually being present in your company, and that’s the first thing your modern IT workspace should include. Your employees should have a choice between working remotely and working from an office that doesn’t look like those boring offices we’re used to seeing in the last century. This means you should forget the old ways of doing things and adapt to modern solutions where employees can have plenty of freedom as long as they get the job done.

What does a modern IT workplace look like?

Most modern workspaces tend to be designed based on the activity-based principle. Now, you must be wondering what does that mean. Not to worry, we at TechProComp will help you out with anything you might need, but first things first. Let’s see what’s this concept and why it is so popular in the IT sector.

Activity-based workspaces tend to be very flexible and adaptive to the needs of employees throughout the day. It’s expected of your employees to require different surroundings during working hours, and that’s where this outstanding concept comes in handy. This type of workplace allows employees to choose the space that suits them the best based on the tasks they need to do at the moment. In other words, this means that employees won’t have a fixed desk like in a cubicle but will use hot desks when necessary, step into sound-proofed booths to make important phone calls in silence, have meetings in designated areas with tech-equipped facilities, use rooms for small group collaborations, and have other tools at their disposal to maximize their productivity.

As you can see, this type of workplace provides employees with multiple choices. They can decide when, where, and how will they work. In other words, they will be able to maximize their productivity thanks to all the facilities available in the modern IT workspace.


What is the purpose of a modern IT workspace?

The modern IT workplace focuses on technology, productivity, and collaboration. Essential parts of a modern workspace include rooms that are equipped with everything necessary for video conferencing, high-speed internet access so employees can complete their tasks without wasting any time, and options for remote work. These elements aim to optimize office space as much as possible and switch to the modern way of completing various tasks.

Effective communication and collaboration are the most important parts of attracting the best employees. Actually, based on the latest studies, 99% of employees prefer a workplace where communication is at the highest level and is the main priority. With that said companies that are more likely to invest in tools that will improve communication have up to 5 times higher chance of employing the best employees.

Thanks to the latest technological developments, all modern IT workplaces tend to switch to the digital side. Employees are able to stay online and be available 24/7, so if necessary, they can deal with specific tasks outside the work hours and, more importantly, from anywhere outside the office. Numerous tools have been introduced that make collaboration and communication much easier, but choosing which tool is right for a company might be challenging. Some of those tools are:

  • Microsoft Teams – probably one of the most popular programs nowadays, which is used for chat-based teamwork. It can be used for group communication, commenting, and one-on-one messaging features.
  • Skype – Just like the previous program, Skype can be used for conference calls, video, and audio. On top of that, users can choose which status to use at the time and communicate with others via messages.
  • One Drive – another tool that Microsoft offers- is used for cloud storage with real-time co-authoring.

More tools are frequently used, depending on the needs of the company, but not to worry, our team at TechProComp can help provide you with the list of all the tools you will need to run a successful business no matter what!


COVID 19 had a significant impact on the modern IT workspace

In 2020, when the pandemic hit the whole world, millions of people started working from home, raising new issues for employers. They had to create a new workspace that would allow people to work from outside and inside the office. That was one of the biggest reasons why many organizations started switching to the modern IT workspace, where on-site offices didn’t focus only on cubicles for employees!

The feelings were mixed during the pandemic and long after it because some employees had gotten used to not coming into offices, while others missed the everyday communication with their colleagues in person. This led to a search for balance between interactions in person and flexibility so everyone can have it their way at least 50% of the time.

Remote workers were allowed to keep working from home without having to come to offices when necessary, while others could work from offices if they chose to. After this separation, there was no need for big offices with many tables for workers because many of said cubicles would stay empty because of fewer people coming into on-site offices. Instead, companies started investing in faster, more secure servers and tools that allowed online interactions.

During the period of COVID-19, we had the chance to see how remote workers will handle the same situations as before, but it also gave us an insight into issues that come with this type of work. That’s why creating a hybrid workspace when employees work both from the office and home has proven to be the best solution.

The best ways to modernize your workspace

1. Create a healthy workspace environment

Employees’ productivity and satisfaction can be increased more than you can imagine by simply creating a healthy work environment where each and every employee feels appreciated and, more importantly, valued. Companies nowadays invest in employees by providing them with necessary training where they will improve their skills and boost their performance, motivation, and productivity during and after business hours.

Nowadays, the IT sector has plenty of older and younger employees, which can essentially lead to complications. Instead of focusing on seniority, promotions should be given based on performance, not years spent on the job. This will push employees to work harder because their hard work will be appreciated no matter their years on the job.

Employees’ personal lives shouldn’t be overlooked, meaning they should have plenty of time for their personal needs, unexpected doctors’ appointments, off-time for their small children, and more. As long as they don’t feel pressured to work when it’s inconvenient for them, their morale and productivity will be high, and tasks will get done in no time.

2. Communication is important

A modern IT workplace should pay close attention to team meetings, whether in person or online because this will help build relationships, help come up with new ideas, and encourage collaboration between employees.

Planned meets can be considered multi-purpose because they will “force” independent workers to get out of their zone, interact with the rest of the staff, and quite possibly help them with new ideas or issues they might be dealing with.

There is no need to spend hours planning a meeting and looking for an empty office that’s convenient for everyone because everything can be done digitally now. Invitations can be sent to all employees so they can make plans accordingly in advance and waste little to no time.

3. The modern workspace should meet the needs of all employees

Recent studies have shown that most employees are willing to return to offices because of constant training and career development. You should consider what your employees need to perform their best, but luckily, our team at TechProComp can help you figure that out. For example, we can help you come up with a workspace that includes meeting rooms, areas for relaxation, and comfortable areas where collaboration between employees will be on the highest level.


Every organization will need to meet different needs, but we can help you figure out what setup will be the best for your company. Whether you are focusing primarily on remote work or on-site offices, we can help you come up with a solution that will benefit all employees and, more importantly, you. Feel free to contact us for more information; we will gladly provide you with all the answers in the shortest period possible.

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