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Guide for the most successful hybrid work

After the most recent pandemic in March 2020, many companies have switched to remote work and have stayed that way ever since. In that period, many business owners realized that their businesses could keep on going without any problems even though all of their employees were working from home, but some of them were thinking of switching to the old ways of getting the job done. That might not be the best thing for certain companies to do now, but something else might suit both employers and employees!

The pandemic has ended just recently, and some employers took that as a go-ahead to bring their employees back into the offices, but that didn’t go according to plan. Many employees have grown accustomed to working from home and have much higher expectations from certain job positions, which makes it harder for employers to do as they please. Well, TechProComp, a managed IT service provider, recognized a solution that will satisfy both parties involved with the outcome, and it’s called hybrid work!

High expectations

It’s no secret that both employers have high expectations of their employees who have gotten used to working from the comfort of their homes, and vice versa. Both parties involved have high expectations, as they should, but the only question is whether they are flexible enough to go out of their way to please the other party involved. They must come to some sort of agreement, and this guide should help you come to a solution that will suit everyone!

Some companies might have struggled because of the remote work that had been forced on them, but now, when that time has passed, there is no need to completely get rid of remote work. Suppose the business managed to stay alive during this challenging period. In that case, it can only get better in the future, and with our help, you can create your work environment suitable for those who have gotten used to working from their own living room or from any other country than the one where your base of operation is!

Thanks to the advance in technology, many things can be done online, as opposed to what was previously done, which means it doesn’t pay out going back to certain things such as:

  • Old ways of communication
  • Workplace with cubicles
  • 100% time spent in the office

Online communication

Before the pandemic, most of the work was done inside an office, and it seemed like the only way of doing things around, but that has proven false in these last few years! Employees have managed to do their jobs just from their own homes, and there is no need to take that away from them. There used to be staff meeting every now and then in the conference room to boost morale and get everyone up to speed about the latest news, but now, all that can be done online!

microsoft teams meeting

Many companies have decided not to change the form of communication because using software such as Teams has proven to be helpful and most likely even better than talking face-to-face! Not only does this form of communication makes it easier to get in touch with almost every one of the employees at the same time, but it also removes the need for commuting to the office just to attend an hour-long staff meeting. The same thing can be done with the use of the Internet, and it would reduce traveling costs by a lot!

Rearranging the workplace

By accepting the new ways of conducting business, there will be no need for old workplace designs! You should forget about the dull old offices where nothing but many computers and desks could be seen. Allowing employees to work both from home and the office would make room for new designs. One of the most recommended improvements for any modern company would be investing more in cloud-based servers instead of old workstations that would be only useful only on sites!

Creating a workplace that would benefit people working from outside the room would improve the business overall and would speed things up in general! Your physical space can become much more intelligent and would be powered by cloud-powered services. Not only would the newly redesigned office look sleek and modern, but it would also become so much more efficient!

Creating a hybrid workplace could bring new issues to your company, but nothing that couldn’t be solved with a bit of help from our end. Back in the day, when every employee was connected to the internal company network, the risk of getting infected with viruses or malware was minimal, and there was no need for such a thing to change!

Implementing zero-trust policy

Since some of your employees occasionally won’t be working from the office building, considered the safest environment for your business, specific measurements need to be put in place if you want to increase your cyber security! Exchanging your current form of protection with the Zero Trust model would be the right way to go regardless of where your employees work at the moment!

Office work – Instead of leaving all of your employees on the corporate network, consider moving them to the cloud-based network. This would make it harder for “assume breach” to happen, and everyone would still have a consistent experience regardless of where they are!

Remote work – We recommend testing the home networks of every employee, whether he/she is working part-time or full-time! This would minimize the risk of getting breached, thus making the company secure even though some employees are sticking with remote work!

Multi-factor authentication – When it comes to security, you can never be safe enough, so the more security measures you implement, the more secure your network will be. Making all users use MFA every time they try to use one of the devices connected to the company network would additionally minimize the risk of unwanted access.

Monitoring 24/7 365 – Everyone working from the home office would be potentially exposed to extra threats because those systems might not have the same level of security as the ones in the work office. Monitoring those systems at all times, no matter what, would minimize the chances of any breaches that could harm your business!

50% of the time working from home

As we mentioned, many employees have gotten used to working from home since the pandemic started and wouldn’t give up that luxury easily. Well, there is no need to take that away from them just because things used to be completely different in the past. Instead, coming up with a plan that would allow employees to spend 50% of their time working from home and the other half of the week working from the office would benefit both parties involved! Of course, this type of arrangement could be negotiated, and if possible, employees would be able to work more than half of the time from their home offices.

work from home

If you’re wondering why hybrid work would benefit everyone who’s part of the company, TechProComp highlights a few most important reasons:

  • Health reasons
  • Flexibility
  • Increased productivity

Health Reasons

As you know, many people are still concerned about their health and would prefer if they didn’t have to contact many people in a closed space. Also, they have gotten comfortable in their safe surroundings where they are 100% positive that no one else can infect them, so forcing someone to change their daily habits wouldn’t have a positive outcome for some. This issue could quickly be dealt with by creating an efficient work schedule that would minimize the number of people in the office at once, so those concerned about their health could put their minds at ease.


After more than two years of working from home, many employees have gotten used to their own work schedules, and going back to their regular 9-5 jobs would have a negative impact on them. Instead, how about you let your employees have flexible schedules while working from home and make them stick with the old 9-5 or any other type of schedule during their time in the office? This way, managers would still be able to watch employees during one half of the month, and employees would have some sort of freedom while working from their home office.

Increased productivity

Everyone feels much more relaxed while working in safe environments where they have complete control over everything happening. Giving your employees freedom would go a long way for your business and their mental health. Allowing them to take short breaks whenever they feel it’s appropriate would release them from some stress and help them continue working shortly after. As long as the job gets done before the deadline, your employees should be able to work as they see fit because their expectations have grown much higher, and one of the requirements for most remote workers nowadays is to have some sort of freedom while giving their best.

The best hybrid work solution can also be simple

Remote workers would have the same type of cyber security as they did inside an office. We would make sure to implement a strategy that is accustomed to specific company needs, whether that means implementing a zero-trust model or even monitoring 24/7 365, to ensure that employers feel secure with having people working from home. Feel free to TechProComp’s customer support team to get the additional information and bring your company to the next level, thanks to more flexibility and increased productivity!

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