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Everyday work nowadays is not what it used to be, and it is increasingly common for every person to have complex assignments that make it feel like we are doing several separate and smaller jobs at the same time. Due to that simple fact, good organization of tasks is now considered one of the most important and valuable skills any individual employee can bring to the table.

Fortunately, modern times bring forth modern solutions, and we are now able to choose between a myriad of tools and apps to assist us in our daily tasks. The importance of being literate in some of these apps cannot be overstated – estimates consistently show that simply incorporating a system of reminders and smart to-do lists increases productivity and reduces stress in staff significantly, helping the entire organization.

However, these tools and apps are only as good as their use to you, and their use to you may be influenced by the type of daily tasks you perform and your line of work. Nevertheless, below we discuss several apps that increase work productivity as attested by countless professionals.


Trello is a relatively simply in-web list-making app that is Kanban-based, and it is a subsidiary of Atlassian. Its main appeal lies in its simplicity and ease of use, as well as its visual styles that are eye-catching and thus simple to keep track of.

Its main use lies in its flexibility and organizational tools, and it is commonly used in project and time management, particularly in work-tracking among a team or any group of people collaborating on a given task. A fantastic feature it is often praised for is the fact that Trello boards can be shared with outside collaborators, as well as the possibility to fully customize your boards to make them as simple or complex as you want them to be.

As Trello offers a bit smaller range of features than some other Kanban-style boards though, it is suitable for managing smaller to mid-scale projects, which is, most of the time, quite sufficient to cover most business needs.



If you are a professional writer or anyone who is required to create documentation of any kind that requires a bit of finesse and focus, this one is for you. The WriteRoom app is basically a full-screen environment just for writing and it blocks out everything else during the time you have set as your “focusing time”.

The app delivers on its main promise of removing distractions and creating a great environment to be creative with words – the app switches to a full-screen view, blocking any icon views and it also prevents notifications and alerts from popping out. It also has a real-time word counter, estimates the reading time for your text, and allows you quite a bit of customization with different views and themes.


Evernote is a helpful app not only for any business needs you can possibly think of, but it can be used as a great tool in your personal life too. Business-wise, many companies strongly promote its usage because of its wide availability both on desktop and mobile devices and its general appeal to users.

This app is used for anything from organizing and list-making, tracking tasks, and checking off items, to just general note-taking. Additionally, the service syncs all of the notes entered across platforms so whether a person works on a computer or on the app, all of the notes will be neatly synced in one place where they are hard to lose track of.

When it comes to alternatives for Evernote, another great choice is the Microsoft OneNote, which bolsters similar features and is the second most popular choice for avid note-takers.


When it comes to business planning apps, LivePlan is one of the best out there as it makes business planning, collaboration, and funding a breeze. The main draw of this app is that it provides you with complete professional plans, and useful guides, and on top of that, does the calculations and estimations for you as well.

LivePlan allows any user to come up with a professional business plan as it leaves no room for guesstimates and missing information. It will provide proper formatting that you can fill in with necessary content, balancing sheets for all the financial calculations, and take you to step by step so that all information is accounted for in a foolproof business plan for your investors.



Gusto is a cloud-based time-management, HR, and payroll tool used by about 60,000 customers, which translates to about 1 percent of all employers in the United States. The app offers an easy way to manage payroll, benefits, time off, etc.

This application is compatible with QuickBooks accounting software and is particularly useful as it not only does all of the above well, it calculates and files federal and state payroll tax.


While not built specifically for business use, this app is a powerful tool for any person who wants to manage their focused time well. The moment has a simple mission – to help any individual put their phone down and focus on what is in front of them.

The app works well as it helps you understand and manage where you invest your time, provides information about your phone usage, and paints a clear picture of your patterns and how you spend your day. The app boosts productivity by providing you with many customization options through which you can better monitor and limit your time on your phone. You can, for example, set a daily usage limit and configure notifications to be pinged when you go over the limit.

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