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Why every company needs backup solution? 

How many times do you need a file that you realized is missing? For every company, data is almost an asset as any other equipment or inventory.

Ways to lose your data:

  • Stolen or lost computer – When someone steals your computer, or you lose it, your data is gone.
  • Power outage – Just imagine, you are in the middle of preparing your 2h long report and you are about to finish it when the electricity is gone and so your 2h long work…Instead of that, backing up your work can save you from struggling to do it all again.
  • Computer failure – Similar to power outages, our computers can become our enemy and stop to work when we need it the most. Your hard-drive can burn in second and you can lose all your work and files that you have stored.
  • Cyber attack – IT experts estimate that the number of cyber attacks went up 600% recently. If you backup your data, you will be able to recover them easily.
  • Natural disasters – We all know that nature is unpredictable. Flood, hurricane, tornadoes can destroy our assets in minutes, but if you keep your data backed up, you do not need to worry to lose them.

These are only a few ways to lose your data.


Does your company need a backup solution? 

Either small business or enterprise can be affected by data loss. Most of them do not react until they get to a situation when they cannot do anything to restore all their work. It is estimated that more than 50% of small-sized and medium-sized businesses are not prepared for a loss of data. Businesses must add backup as a part of their IT policies to ensure that employees are doing their best when handling company data.

Which backup plan to choose? 

To get access to your data anytime, you need to do regular backups. Having the right backup system can avoid costs of data loss.
There is more than one solution for Data Backup. Choosing the right one depends on more than one factor. These are some questions you might answer when choosing the right solution:

What type of business you run?

  • How quick you need to recover in case of data loss?
  • How frequent do you need backup?
  • How long you need to keep data (last year, last five or ten years, forever…)
  • How many copies of backup do you need?
  • How much are you willing to spend?

We know that is not easy to choose, that is where we can help.

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